Ubuntu version: 14.04.5 LTS.

gdrive is a command line utility for interacting with Google Drive.

I have initialized gdrive (https://github.com/prasmussen/gdrive) with a specific user. As example gdrive about returns its information.

The way we can download a uploaded folder as follows:

gdrive [global] download [options] <fileId>

For more information please type: gdrive help download.

I want to download a folder through using gdrive download as zipped. Is there any way to force downloading a folder as zipped?


In the current iteration of gdrive, you can't. The feature wasn't written or developed into it.

There have been several requests (like this one) for the functionality requested to be added, but they haven't had any action from the developer (yet).

(And something to note: the developer of gdrive hasn't made any changes since September of 2017, so it's possible this is an 'abandoned' project, and won't get further development; this is, however, not able to be easily determined)

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  • I guess my alternative option might be: zip a folder as .zip or .tar.gz and store it under a folder. Later if a folder is shared with another user, they can upload file into it instead of updating/overwriting it. @Thomas Ward♦ – alper Apr 13 '18 at 14:08

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