I have a big problem I have a laptop with dual boot (Windows and Ubuntu) , and two days ago my father made some changes to BIOS (he wanted to change Windows data from BIOS ...) and checked an option that says : Restore Default... and guess what I could not acces Ubuntu anymore, because my laptop load windows without asking me what system I want to load. Also my father called a fried that came to us to "repair" our laptop and he reinstalled Ubuntu. Now I'm wondering if I can still recover my data, because when I run :


in terminal it shows me a partition called Recovery ( I think all my lost data is there) but I don't know what to do and how to acces it.
Please help me ! I was having in Ubuntu projects and files about web development , I think now they could be lost.


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Avoid further damage

Do not use the drive (at least, do not mount any partitions on it), because still existing data can be overwritten.

Have a look at

  • the link to the 'original question', of which your question is a duplicate,

  • the links in the comments,

  • the answers at the following link, Accidentally did dd /dev/sda and links from it.

Try TestDisk and PhotoRec

Your computer is rebooted since overwriting, so I guess that you have to resort to TestDisk and PhotoRec.

  • Try first to recover the partition table and file system(s) with TestDisk.

  • Whatever file data not already overwritten can be recovered by PhotoRec, at least if not fragmented (and linux file systems are not at all as fragmented as Windows file systems).


Many of us have had similar problems (often caused by ourselves or by sudden hardware failure), and we have learned the hard way to make backup copies of everything, that we cannot afford to lose.

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