Ubuntu 16.04 (16.04.4) ppa contains only 1.11. But for Rust program compilation i need 1.12 version. How to deal with it ?

P.s. 17.04 contains xcb v.1.12

  1. Uninstall libxcb-randr0.

    sudo apt remove libxcb-randr0
  2. Manually download libxcb-randr0 (1.12-1ubuntu1) from the official Ubuntu 17.10 repositories from here.

    • Under the Download libxcb-randr0 section click either the red amd64 link or the i386 link, depending on your OS's architecture.

    • Select a nearby mirror and download libxcb-randr0.

  3. Open the terminal, and change directories using cd to the directory containing the libxcb-randr0_1.12-1ubuntu1_amd64.deb file that you downloaded.

  4. Install libxcb-randr0_1.12-1ubuntu1_amd64.deb with this command:

    sudo dpkg -i libxcb-randr0_1.12-1ubuntu1_amd64.deb # the i386 .deb file has a different name  
  5. Run sudo apt-mark hold libxcb-randr0 which will prevent libxcb-randr0 from being automatically installed, upgraded or removed.

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