I am wondering why is Chrony replacing NTPd as the default component for network time sync.

What is the advantage, and ideally, was there a discussion of pros-and-cons somewhere I can read for my education?

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See bug report LP:1744072:

  1. Rationale:

    2.1 NTP in general is needed quite a lot, but we want to exchange ntpd which is the current implementation in main with chrony for 18.04.

    2.2 Security: chrony was considered easier to be maintained easier in terms of security and provide a more modern ntp experience as well.

    2.3 Efficiency: Furthermore several cloud people seem to be interested to change to chrony in the guests for its lower memoy/cpu footprint (efficiency I guess).

    2.4 related to this MIR 6 years ago this is the same but for Fedora. See: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/ChronyDefaultNTP IIRC some limitations that were present have been eliminated since, so it is even better than it was back then.

    2.5 In general one has to realize that in a systemd-timesync world ntp/chrony are mostly for the "serving" portion of an ntp service, and not so much about the client (unless you the better accuracy vs timesyncd is needed).

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