I want to run a Nextcloud instance on our office's local server and use that to access files from outside. As I have little experience with networking setup I'd like to confirm the general architecture

Components involved are:

  • ASUS RT-N66U Router
  • Modem (provided by ISP [China Telecom])
  • a dynamic public IP address
  • ubuntu server (18.04, maybe 16.04)
  • Nextcloud 12 (either from the snap package, or running a manual install in a LXD container)

I think what I have to do is:

  • setup a DDNS service (no-ip is what plan to use)
  • install Open-WRT on our router
  • create a VPN connection to that router which the clients from outside will be using to connect
  • enable https access on the Nextcloud server

does that sound about right?

  • That all looks about right to me. When you are going to use the router as your connection make sure that your modem is only a modem or capable of using a Transparent connection so that it is passed through directly to your router. Other than that, your list looks good. – Terrance Apr 12 '18 at 3:27
  • thanks Terrance. The router is already managing our internal network, with the Modem (which could be a router too) only serving as a modem. So I guess perquisites are fulfilled on that part – vrms Apr 12 '18 at 14:30

so, the first part works and was quite easy to achieve.

the ASUS router has a built-in DDNS service and pointing that to my no-ip.com account plus setting up port forwarding (80:80, 430:430, 8080:8080 for the moment) did the job.

So for now I regard this matter as solved, thanks

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