I have installed KDE Storage Service Manager (storageservicemanager package with version 4:15.12.3-0ubuntu1.1) on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS with all updates.

And then tried to add Dropbox account to it. Got this window with error message:

Authentication Failed --- Storage Service Manager
Dropbox access is not authorized. Error message: v1_retired

window with error

What should I do to make it working with Dropbox?


Seems to be expected behavior, because of API v1 shutdown:

As previously announced, API v1 is being retired on Thursday, September 28th, 2017.

On this date, API v1 endpoints will return a 400 error with this message:
{“error”: “v1_retired”}. This means any integrations or applications still relying on API v1 endpoints may stop working.

So I reported bug 1762408 to LaunchPad.

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