I am looking a sort of a day organiser for my Ubuntu laptop with Google calendar integration and preferably cross-platform so I could use it on my Android phone. Basically I need a to-do-list with an option to track the progress, a nice visualisation of the day, ability to see my Google calendar events and appointments. I wonder if anything like this exists. Any recommendations are welcome!


GNOME Evolution

From my personal experience I can recommend GNOME Evolution. You can install it as usual:

sudo apt-get install evolution evolution-plugins

It has Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Memos.

Calendar works normally with Google Calendar. Not sure about Tasks.


KOrganizer from KDE may help too. I did not tried it.

sudo apt-get install korganizer

GNOME Calendar

If you need only calendar you can start with GNOME Calendar:

sudo apt-get install gnome-calendar

Emacs OrgMode

You can try OrgMode as productivity platform too. But it is terminal based.

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