I'm using the Linux subsystem on Windows 10, running Ubuntu bash. I was trying to disable the windows error ding every time I tab completed something, and now I can't type 'd' (or CAPS{shift{d}}, or paste in 'd' following the instructions given by this post: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/36724209/disable-beep-of-linux-bash-on-windows-10 . In my etc/inputrc file, I uncommented the line set bell-style none as directed, as well as the line above it which was something about <no bell sound on tab completion>.

Here is a similar question, but it doesn't quite work for me: lower-case 'c' key not working in bash I originally used sudo vim inputrc in order to save my edits on the read only file, but now I can't type a 'd' to do that with. I couldn't get the other recommendations for saving a read only to work. Running as admin didn't help.

What else should I be trying? Thanks!


Super obvious solution, since I'm using the windows subsystem for linux, just go into the folder on windows and edit from there.

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