As per this answer on installing fonts into LibreOffice (LO), I have several fonts downloaded into my /usr/share/fonts folder that were recognized by LO. However, after an general update, LO no longer has those fonts loaded.

Is there a quick (e.g., command line) way to reload all fonts into LO that are stored in the /usr/share/fonts folder and its sub-folders?


LibreOffice needs no other "loading" than the system itself provides. Make sure you run sudo fc-cache -f -v from the terminal to update fonts for the system. That should be all LibO needs to find them. See further help on the Ubuntu wiki.

If the fonts are stored locally (i.e., ~/.local/share/fonts), you might have run into the TTF problem, but that was specific to the LibO 5.4.4x version(s), and is no longer an issue for 6.0+.

  • I also needed to restart my machine after running sudo fc-cache -f -v, but it worked. Thank you, @Dɑvïd! – wesamuels Apr 6 '18 at 17:51

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