Anyone experienced that after updating to newer kernel from 4.4.0-112 or 4.13.0-36? (ubuntu 16.04 LTS)

I can make it to boot sometimes if I use nomodeset parameter but 4.4 kernel feels like it's not using the integrated graphics (high compiz and xorg usage, overall jerkyness) Also I lose brightness control then...

NMI watchdog: Watchdog detected hard LOCKUP on cpu

When I boot with older kernel there are no issues...

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It appears it's a bug with intel-microcode: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/intel-microcode/+bug/1759920

It's being worked on but in the meantime I used a grub parameter


to make it boot. As advised in the bug report, you can also revert to an earlier version of intel-microcode package.

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