Im trying to achieve so one of my machines can write to a shared folder, on another computer, running Freenas. I have successfully been able to mount the share on the first machine.

I did that by adding this to /etc/fstab:

// /mnt/share cifs username=connor,password=sara,uid=1000,gid=1000,iocharset=utf8,sec=ntlm,vers=1.0  0  0

Im running the transmission-daemon, and if I look in the /etc/passwd file, I have this line for transmission-daemon:


But when I run ps on transmission, I get user and group to debian-+

connor@hostname:/mnt$ ps -eo "user,group,args" | grep -i trans
debian-+ debian-+ /usr/bin/transmission-daemon -f --log-error

So without tampering with permissions on the share, what can I do on the first machine, to get read and write permissions? Add debian-tranmission to connorgroup?

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