My problem is as follows:

I had pycharm 2016 installed and its icon appeared in the launcher. When I wanted to update to 2017, I downloaded the file from their website and installed it, thinking that it would automatically overwrite version 2016. It was not the case.

I did not mind so much, and I was always running the executable file of version 2017 from the folder I downloaded.

Now problem comes when I updated directly from pycharm to version 2018. I can't find where is the executable file (whereis and which won't work since it's not a dpkg package, and find . pycharm* prompts thousands of results. in /usr/bin and /usr/share/ there is no pycharm either).

I neither can do this (How to make aplications installed in /opt appear in Unity?) cause right click in desktop does nothing.

I would like to remove older versions of pycharm and create a new icon for the new one, once I find the file.


Probably a workaround, but finally I downloaded the tar file for the 2018 version, and modified the .desktop file using that .sh file.

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