I want to completely remove apache from Ubuntu 11.10. I have installed httpd-2.2.22 package through make and the make install command. Now I want to uninstall it and install through apt-get. Can anyone help me?

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    Did you try make uninstall ? – Amith KK Feb 7 '12 at 9:45

dpkg, apt-get et. al., don't know about the files in the httpd-2.2.22 package, so they can't get rid of them.

Go back to the source directory, and see if make uninstall will do the trick. If not, or if you no longer have the source, there's a more complicated way.

Install the installwatch program, part of the checkinstall package (sudo apt-get install checkinstall).

If necessary, re-fetch the source, re-configure it the same as before, and rebuild it. If you still have the source directory you installed from, you can skip this step.

Then, installwatch -o installwatch.log sudo make install will generate a list of all the files the make install installed. These are the files you need to delete to erase the manual httpd-2.2.22 install.

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apache2 - how to remove httpd built from source - Ask Ubuntu http://goo.gl/BMWkaT

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