I'd like to completely remove Desura and any downloaded games.

As far as I can see, the only way to do this successfully is to go through the home folder manually removing the various files/folders.

Is this correct? Is there a simpler method?


In the readme file that comes with Desura the instructions are as follows:

  1. To remove the menu icon, first run

    xdg/xdg-desktop-menu uninstall --mode user desura.desktop

    from inside the Desura installation directory

  2. Delete the desura folder which contains the program contents.

  3. As an added step I would suggest removing the ~/.desura folder

That should be all

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Delete ~/bin/desura.

This folder contains all the games and the client itself.

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It seems that your action is correct. There is no other way to remove Desura. Maybe check on your /home, if there is an hiden folder called ".desura". And remove it. Dusura should be completely remove after that.

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this is the simpler way to do that . Firstly u find where these desura folders are

so type in terminal

find desura

it will shows u all possible result go to that place manually and delete all files . hope this will solve problem

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