I mistakenly removed the "English" keyboard layout from the keyboard layouts list while trying to delete the keyboard layout of another language. Just afterwards, my device froze, and I decided to restart after a while. Big mistake, as I realized, that I could not login to my user account anymore, since the keyboard layout existing currently is not in English, but the password of my main user has English letters. I am using Ubuntu 17.10. Now, is there anyway I could bring back the English keyboard layout from the login screen, without typing a single latin alphabet anywhere, so that I could login again?

  • This to me appears to be a complex issue requiring a number of answers although you've phrased the question quite clearly. Give me a minute... – Elder Geek Apr 2 '18 at 22:39

Steps 1 through 6 of this answer should get you into the system since grub knows nothing about your installed keyboard layouts. Then follow up with this answer and read the comments too as they will be useful.


Basically you need to make en layout on login, then configure layouts in system settings. You should change etc/default/keyboard in recovery mode or from live cd/usb.
Full explanation here

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