I currently have a couple of extensions installed, and I'm using gnome tweaks to customise my desktop. I noticed that the repository version of gnome-tweaks does not have a settings icon, and instead you just click the extension and a window comes up.

That's fine, except when I click the extensions here:
Settings Screenshot

I get a big blank window where I assume is supposed to be the settings for that extension:

Blank window screenshot

  • I am still uncertain if you are describing the same issue I see, but someone has opened a Gnome Tweaks issue for blank/last-cached Details on github. He also included a video. I added the little I have learned; there has been no response from the team yet.
    – Wayne
    May 25, 2018 at 12:08

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Could that be Details and not Settings? If so, I am seeing the same issue with Gnome Tweaks on PureOS using Gnome 3.28. This function worked on Gnome 3.26 with gnome-tweaks-tool.

I get a blank screen too unless I go to Software first and look at any package's information. Then, I get its information when I double-click any extension in Gnome Tweaks.

This problem seems to be associated with an assertion error for the extension.
I have no solution yet, but a bit more information is at this link: Gnome Tweaks->Extensions shows blank/cached details. (I thought I was dealing with a connection problem getting Details, so the original subject line is misleading.)

  • You actually might want to post this as a separate question...you've got a lot more helpful information and so you might have some luck finding an answer.
    – Hee Jin
    May 7, 2018 at 15:30

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