I am using Nemo instead of Nautilus as my primary Ubuntu Unity file manager. When I right-click the icon on the launcher bar it shows the folder name of open windows, as shown in this screenshot here. I'd really like it to show the full path, however, as frequently I have multiple windows open with the same name and can never find the one I'm looking for.

enter image description here

If you tell me to left click twice on the icon to make it show them shrunk and spread across the screen I'll say I find this feature to be almost useless. Sometimes I have 10 or more windows open when working on big projects and trying to choose the right one that way is worse than using Alt + Tab, which is also very slow and tedious.

A simple right-click on the launcher, showing enough folder information (ie: full path) that I can identify the open windows is just what I need.

Note: in case you can't do exactly what I'm asking for, alternative ways to efficiently choose the File Manager window I want (out of 10+ windows) are welcome.


I figured it out myself. It's way easier than I expected. I just needed to learn the best view settings to use for the Nemo file manager.

Question 1. The answer to the first part of my question: How do I see the full path when I right-click on the nemo icon in the launcher bar?

Answer: go to Edit --> Preferences --> click the Display tab --> check the box for "Show the full path in the title bar and tab bars". (See screenshot below). Close all of your nemo file manager windows, and re-open them to make this take effect. Done!

enter image description here

Here's what it looks like now when I right click. Notice it shows the full folder path!:

enter image description here

Question 2. The second part of my question: are there alternative (and better) ways to choose the File Manager window I want (ex: when I have 10+ windows open)?

Answer: YES! Use Tabs instead of new Windows! Open a new tab with File --> New Tab or just Ctrl + T. Now, use Ctrl + Page Up to navigate to the tab to your LEFT and Ctrl + Page Down to navigate to the tab to your RIGHT.

The tabs work just like they do in the terminal now, except that in a terminal you have to use Ctrl + Shift + T (note you must also use the Shift key) to open up a new Tab.

You can also use F3 (View --> Extra Pane) to split your window when you'd like to view two folders simultaneously side-by-side.

Yaaaay! Solved!---(after about 5 years of being bothered by this).

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