I have dual boot with Linux Mint 17.1. (based on Ubuntu 14.04.) and after installing python 2.7.9 I get BLACK SCREEN after login. I can then open CONSOLE (ctrl+alt+f1) which requires me to login again and I can. But my keyboard layout is messed up; all keys except y x q w and z correspond to Croatian layout. The keys mentioned produce only ♦ (black diamond character). As you can imagine I can't type in commands that include words like keYboard, laYout, X11...

What I CAN do is edit /etc/default/keyboard or similar files as nano allows me to save files using god-given ctrl-o.

Current values:


I'd very much like to avoid changing layout to US or similar because I'm afraid I will no longer be able to type in my own password upon next boot.

I've done update and upgrade and upgrade-distro, I would like to just be able to test startx command but this fricking layout mess won't let me.

sudo apt-get install console-common
sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-data

Select layout from full list as suggested here.

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