Is there any way to pass the camera through to Windows Subsystem for Linux? This feature would make everything I'm doing right now so much easier. I know there is a feature request for USB support, but is there a workaround for now? Can I setup a camera stream on my host and access the 'networked' stream on the Ubuntu terminal?

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Alas, no, WSL doesn't support camera devices at this time. If this is something you'd like to see in future releases, please find & upvote or file an ask on the WSL UserVoice page.


Until now WSL and WSL2 still do not support this feature along with all other applications or development use cases that require accessing an USB device attached to Windows. It is due to the lack of USB-pass-through in Hyper-V which governs WSL.

Follow this github issue for potential updates.

There is a workaround though, you can consult this article which walks through the steps to make it happen. The basic idea is to setup a stream server both on Windows and WSL. Then first stream raw video input into WSL, do the processing work in WSL, and finally stream out the output from WSL back to Windows.

Until USB-pass-through is natively supported, these extra hops are necessary. :)

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