When I plug-in my Android phone by USB, it gets mounted as "mtp://....." and I can see my photos in 'Files' (Nautilus), but I would like to see them in Krusader. So I found a post telling me to type "mtp:" into the Location Toolbar of Krusader and according to the manual (Krusader.pdf) you CAN type an address:

"The user can enter a desired path by clicking on it."

But that doesn't work in Krusader on my Ubuntu 17.10! What is wrong?

PS: This is not the only problem I have with Krusader - the other problems are described here:

Krusader window too wide - can't be changed

"unable to get password" when trying to unzip password-protected archive


This was solved by forcing Krusader to create a new configuration file by renaming the file "~/.config/krusaderrc". See Krusader window too wide - can't be changed

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