Upon right clicking the 7z-file and selecting "Extract Here", the cursor changes to a progress animation. Nothing else happens, but the system becomes somewhat slow. Nautilus and gnome-shell processes will use a lot of CPU until I close Nautilus.

Here's what DOES work however:

  • Extracting password protected 7z-files in the terminal.
  • Extracting 7z-files without passwords in Nautilus.
  • Extracting password protected rar-files in Nautilus.

Ubuntu version 17.10.


This is a known issue that has been already fixed and merged in nautilus master on Feb 13, 2018:

If archive decompression fails due to missing support, Nautilus tries to launch the default application for the file type, which results in an infinite loop in cases where Nautilus is the default application. This commit removes that code and makes an application chooser always appear with a heading to inform the user.

While this fix does prevent Nautilus from crashing/using all CPU, it will not add 7z support in Nautilus.

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