I've been trying to add google hangout to pidgin but it's not working. Please show me the process. Thank you.


enter image description here Before adding account to pidgin. Make sure google singin to less secure apps is allowed.

If it's done! Add Hangout account

Basic Tab

Protocol: xmpp  
User Name: (your gmail id, without @gmail.com)  
Domain: gmail.com  
Resource: (Keep blank)  
Password: xxxxxxxxx  
Check Remember Password.

Advanced Tab

enter image description here

Connection Security: Use encryption if available  
Connect Server: talk.google.com

Others leave at it is.



Pidgin seems to only support Google Talk - which uses a different protocol. Hangouts employs a proprietary protocol, not compatible with XMPP.

There is a cross-platform client designed specifically for Hangouts (partial support for audio-video), as well as a Python library.

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