I can make VLC use hardware decoding with

vlc --ffmpeg-hw video.mkv

Is there an equivalent flag for mplayer?

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Mind you if you have an nVidia graphics card you should not only specify the -vo device but also give a -vc setting. On my own system I give the following on the commandline:

mplayer -vo vdpau filename

(replacing 'filename' with the actual name of your file of course) and place the following in ~/.mplayer/config:


but there are several different ways of doing this. This method allows you to use different video out devices with MPlayer but will give proper -vc values when you specify -vo vdpau from the commandline.

Hope this helps :).


The command is -vo (video out). For my nVidia network card with hardware acceleration, I use -vo vdpau.

To see all of the video out processors, see mplayer.1.

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