If I have, say, Firefox installed both as a normal package and as a snap, they will appear in the Activities application listing and also two items will be returned by a search for "Firefox". Both show the same name and icon. How do I know which one to choose?

I know I can easily do it from the command line. But I would like to know what is the intended way from the Ubuntu GUI. Or, if that is a not yet implemented feature, if there is a GUI approach to this.

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You may create two new custom .desktop launchers for each in ~/.local/share/applications/.

First create a file called firefox.desktop (for the default version) in ~/.local/share/applications/. Open it with a text editor and put the following lines and save the file.

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=default Firefox browser
Name=Firefox (default)
Exec=firefox %u

Put the full path to the image (png or svg are preferable) you want to use as default Firefox's icon in place of /path/to/icon/for/default/firefox or simply put Icon=firefox if you want the default Firefox icon as per your icon theme.

Alternatively, copy the firefox.desktop file from /usr/share/applications/ to ~/.local/share/applications/ and make the changes to Name= and Icon= fields as you wish.

Similarly, create another .desktop file, say firefox-snap.desktop (for the snap version) in ~/.local/share/applications/. Open it with a text editor and put the following lines and save the file.

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=snappy Firefox browser
Name=Firefox (snap)

Like before put the path to image file you want to use as the icon of snappy Firefox.

Now in Activities overview you'll see two Firefox launchers titled "Firefox (default)" and "Firefox (snap)". They will also have different icons if you have used different icons in their associated .desktop files.

P.S. You may use a GUI application like alacarte (aka "Main Menu") to create the launchers instead of manually creating and editing the .desktop files.


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