Alt+Tab used to open the Compiz Application Switcher (desired behaviour). Now, when I use this key combination, a Nautilus window is opened at ~/ (unexpected behaviour) and the Application Switcher does not start.

While Nautilus is the first icon in my Unity Launcher Menu, rearranging the order does not affect the behaviour (always a Nautilus window is invoked by Alt+Tab).

I've double checked that Compiz has Alt+Tab bound to Application Switcher > Next Window (All windows).

The adherent hotkey does not appear to be a Compiz setting, since an "advanced search" for <alt>Tab under Compiz ("Settings value" only) returns only the Application Switcher binding.

How can I find out why Nautilus is starting by this key combo, and why this overrides the Compiz binding?

Ubuntu 16.04; Compiz;

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I found the problem. Ubuntu Keyboard > Shortcuts > Home Folder was set to Alt+Tab for some reason.

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