My touchpad works great when I use only one finger on it. But as soon as I put another finger on the touchpad the pointer freezes. Why is this a problem? Well, it's because I am used to having my left index finger rest on the touchpad, ready to click when needed, while using my right index finger to move the pointer around. This may sound like a weird habit, but I think a lot of people are doing this without realizing.

Other information that might help:

  • It works on Windows 10, but it does not on Ubuntu 16.04
  • The left and right mouse buttons are integrated in the touchpad
  • Two finger scrolling does work when enabled, so it is capable of detecting two fingers. However I don't want two finger scrolling enabled, I just want to move the pointer while leaving my left index finger resting on the touchpad.
  • While pressing - and not releasing - the left mouse button, I actually can move the pointer around
  • It is a synaptics touchpad

I have seen a couple of threads with the same issue, but the problem wasn't solved in any of these threads :(

  • Please add hardware details (make and model). I used to have that problem, but the (Elantech) touchpad on my Asus X205TA has had full multi-touch support since 17.04 (thanks to kernel upgrades). If it's a new device, maybe installing the HWE kernel or upgrading will help. But without hardware details, this question isn't very useful because touchpads not working isn't a general Ubuntu problem, it's a hardware-specific problem – Zanna Mar 25 '18 at 19:38
  • I can do that, but only when placing the resting finger while moving the cursor with the other one. This way it's not registered. Unless I remove the resting finger everything works as normal, even two-finger-scrolling (with a third finger on the touchpad). – Sebastian Stark Mar 25 '18 at 20:26

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