I recently changed my System settings> Language Support to English. I want to delete Places in nautilus like Music, Videos, Documents. I was (probably) able to do so in my native language by changing following file:


Now, this file is replaced by its original after editation and loging off. I found this help:

How can I edit Nautilus Places sidebar and Unity QuickList?

but it is too long and complicated for me. I was able to change direction e.g. Downloads by command:

xdg-user-dirs-update --set DOWNLOAD $HOME/somedirectory

but I want it not to be visible at all in nautilus. I also surmise that there is global settings in:


but I do not know what to change. I do not know how xdg and nautilus are connected. I suppose xdg settings is more general than nautilus, which I am primarily interested.

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