Afternoon all!

I just did a build and deploy and everything seems to be running great in AWS. I wanted to login to the nodes via ssh but noticed there are no pem keys associated tot eh nodes. Is there something in the deploy configuration I might have missed or are these nodes simply not meant to be logged into?

Cheers, -Stephen

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Conjure-up uses the modeling software Juju under the covers, which includes the ability to ssh into machines it deploys.

I just tried this here on a xenial system.

sudo snap install conjure-up --classic

After deploying CDK with conjure-up to the substrate of your choosing, you should be able to use juju to list and connected to the nodes it deployed. Some helpful commands below.

  • juju models
  • juju status
  • juju ssh 4 # connect to machine 4
  • juju ssh etcd/0 # connect to etcd unit 0
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