Following the answer below How to install SQL Developer on Ubuntu 14.04? I managed to get a proper working sql developer on an old machine with Lubuntu 17.10

What I'm trying to do now is to have the sqldeveloper in the application menu under programming.

I see it under Others.


Go into /usr/share/applications and find the .desktop file for your application. (It will probably be displayed as just an icon if you use a file manager to do this. Part of mine looks like this, but the files are really called [something].desktop)

enter image description here

Copy it into /home/[your-user-name]/.local/share/applications

Open the .desktop file with your favorite text editor and look for the line starting with Categories=

Change this line so it reads Categories=Development; and save the file.

Your menu may refresh immediately; if it doesn't, open a terminal and type lxpanelctl restart

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