I was using Gnome on PureOS for a month or so, but now I'm back on Ubuntu 18.04. The thing I loved in PureOS is that I could do calculations in the Gnome search bar. But when I type any calculations (1+2) in the gnome search bar I see no results (it says "No results" in Dutch):

enter image description here

I tried this gnome extension and it's enabled in Gnome tweak tool as you can see below, but I see no results (I rebooted to be sure).

enter image description here

Does anybody know how I can activate calculations in the Gnome search bar?

It works for me in Ubuntu 17.10 (and Wayland) with double parentheses, which is used also on the command line

$ echo "$((1+2))"

So try


See this screenshot,

enter image description here

After an update & upgrade it works without parentheses and with single parentheses too,


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  • Hmmm, this doesn't work either. Alright, I'll just wait until 18.04 is officially released and see whether it works then. Thanks for your effort anyway! – kramer65 Mar 28 at 10:08
  • @kramer65, You are welcome :-) – sudodus Mar 28 at 10:20

I found this from Built-in calculator to GNOME search window

The pre-installed GNOME Calculator in Ubuntu 18.04 is a snap application which may lack some features provided by the traditional one due to restrictions of snap packages.

Remove the snap application by running

snap remove gnome-calculator

and install the traditional apt one by running

sudo apt install gnome-calculator

You may need to to restart GNOME shell by hitting Alt+F2, then typing r and pressing Enter for it to take effect.

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I checked out the github page of the extension I was trying to use, which says:

This extension is now obsolete as the gnome calculator provides this functionality since g-s 3.14

So I installed Gnome Calculator using the Software center and now it works like a charm.

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