After installing Ubuntu, the desktop disk image (16.04.4 -desktop- amd64.iso) could not be opened. I get the reason

image not recognized

on Apple Mac Air. How do I resolve this, please?

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I think you didn't install Ubuntu, you just downloaded the ISO. You don't usually open .iso files, you need to burn them to an USB drive. To do this, I recommend Etcher. It's compatible with Mac OS X (which you are probably using). You'll need a 2 GB USB Drive to put the Ubuntu ISO on it, but I would use an 4GB one, for extra space.

1. Download Etcher and burn the ISO to the Flash Drive

Download Etcher and open it. You'll be greeted with it's GUI. Just click on "Select Image" button and browse your file system and click on the ISO you want to burn (Ubuntu).

Next, Select the Drive where you want to burn it. It should be selected as your USB, if not, plug in the USB Device where you want to burn it. (This will erase ALL data on the drive, so backup your data if you have any!)

Now, just click the "Flash!" button and wait. After some minutes it should show "Flash complete!" and you can close the program.

2. Boot in to the USB drive

Reboot your machine, and hold Alt during the boot process, right after hearing the Mac startup sound. It now should show "EFI Boot" (it should be the option to the most right) Now you just press "Enter" at the screen that shows you GRUB.

3. Install Ubuntu

Now you just click "Install Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS" icon on the desktop. Follow the on-screen instructions. There is a step that asks you where to install Ubuntu. You can dual boot OS X or replace it entirely, as it shows on the screen. If you choose to replace it, ALL your data will be gone on your disk, which will leave you only with Ubuntu installed. If you are going to do this, Backup your data on OS X, and restore it later!

4. Enjoy!

Now enjoy your newly installed system. I also wanted to say that, if you want to install Proprietary NVIDIA drivers, you should try this article.(if you use EFI, which you probably use). If you don't do this workaround, you're probably getting a black screen after X starts. In my case it worked. But do this at your risk!


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