So I have setup my server with svftpd to be able to connect with ftp. I created a user (ftp_user)

Now I can connect with ftp, but the server shows no files:

it displays: Index of / (I guess this is root?) and no files.

I tried to set the home by doing the following 2 things:

usermod -d /new/home ftp_user and I added local_root=/var/www to my vsftpd conf. Also I chowned the /var/www folder to ftp_user. Is there anything I forget?

  • Why are you trying to use FTP? Use sftp via SSH which is secure, plain old FTP is insecure and not recommended for any use – Thomas Ward Mar 22 at 13:38
  • well thats something to consider indeed, but no the problem I am facing – Merijn dk Mar 22 at 13:39
  • No, it's not, and that's why i didn't post this as an answer. ;) – Thomas Ward Mar 22 at 13:45

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