I'm using Ubuntu 17.10 on a Dell Vostro 3500.

I tried to download a 7GB file using Mozilla Firefox... The download failed due to insufficient memory although I checked and was supposed to have 11GB free. That is not my problem...

My problem is that now I have only 2.3GB free. I already deleted the partially downloaded file.

Can anyone help me recover the lost disk space?

Thanks in advance.

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    What memory are you using for download ? Do you mean disk-space ? – Soren A Mar 22 '18 at 12:44
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    In computing memory usually refers to RAM, If you are talking about the long-term storage of your computer you should refer to it a Disk-space. Would you be able to clarify and if possible post the actual error you received? – Jeff Mar 22 '18 at 12:48
  • yes, I edited the title. Hopefully my question is more understandable now. – Avishai Barnoy Mar 22 '18 at 12:56

Problem solved

For some reason I found a copy of the downloaded file in my ~/temp/ folder thus inhibiting me from both downloading the file and taking up much space.

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