I have an issue with my grapihic card performance. I have laptop Lenovo g500H with integrated Intel GPU and additional AMD Radeon 8750m graphic card. On 14.04 Trusty it worked fine. I just run DRI_PRIME=1 and FPS amount was much better in glxgears. On 16.04 there is no performance improvement although i can see the Radeon card is running in glxinfo. I'm looking for the answer in a several tutorials and Q&A's but without any progress yet. Could you help me?


Try out with several PPA:

Updated and Optimized Open Graphics Drivers (16.04, 17.10, 18.04)

padoka PPA (18.04 only)

Padoka Stable PPA (16.04, 17.10)

I use the second one for Radeon 6550HD running on 18.04 LTS. When i was on 16.04 i used Oibaf's PPA. Anyway, it's easy to revert.

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