I have a file 'a.txt' which have a content:


How can i search for a string say "ML_" in the file and if it matches modify last 3 digit of that line with some random numbers using 'sed' command in bash script.
I am able to change the last 3 numbers to some fixed numbers with the command:

sed -i '/ML_/s/[0-9][0-9][0-9]$/012/' file_name  

But not sure how to change with random numbers


If you don't have any particular requirements for the randomness, then you can use the bash shell's built in RANDOM as mentioned in comments e.g.

$ sed '/^ML_/ s/[0-9]\{3\}$/'$(printf '%03d' $((RANDOM%1000)))'/' a.txt 

If you require "better" random numbers, then I'd suggest abandoning sed in favor of perl and looking for a suitable random number module.

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