I am a newbie with Ubuntu OS and Clonezilla and have some basic questions.

I have two drives sda (1Tb) with ubuntu 17.10 and sdb (1Tb) for backup. I recently created image of sda and saved it to sdb. The image file size is 100 GB. Now I want to test if the image restores correctly or not. My concerns are:

  1. Can I create a small partition of 300GB in sdb and restore image there?
  2. Do I need to install Ubuntu first in that partition to restore image?
  3. Will restoring image to sdb affect other stuff stored on a different partition on sdb?**

Thanks a lot!

  • I am using Clonezilla, and I suggest that you get a third drive of at least the same size as the original drive (check that it is not one single byte smaller). Then you can restore from the Clonezilla image to that third drive, and test that it works correctly, when the original drive is not connected. If GPT (GUID partition table), and the third drive is bigger, you need to restore the backup partition table at the end of the [third] drive manually with gdisk or with gpt-fix – sudodus Mar 22 '18 at 8:10

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