I just started learning ubuntu and trying to set up mail system (To use roundcube) I am using online tutorial, to set up Postfix. Did everything like in tutorial, but are stuck here:

Copy info from tutorial:

Send the email by piping a string to the mail command. Adjust the command to mark your Linux user as the recipient:

echo 'init' | mail -s 'init' -Snorecord username

You should get the following response:

Can't canonicalize "/home/sammy/Maildir"

This is normal and will only show during this first message. We can check to make sure the directory was created by looking for our ~/Maildir directory:

ls -R ~/Maildir

You should see the directory structure has been created and that a new message file is in the ~/Maildir/new directory:

cur  new  tmp




But at this point I get stuck :

ls: cannot access 'home/username/Maildir': no such file or directory

  • What about /home/username/Maildir? With a leading /? – PerlDuck Mar 21 '18 at 8:47

I had a similar problem until I changed the username in the documentation to what is specific to mine - bitnami. Username for some Ubuntu intallations are ec2-user, admin, root, etc. You need to confirm from your documentation.

Once you confirm the username, type this command at the prompt to re-adjust that setting in Postfix mail settings:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure postfix

Then continue configuration from that point of the documentation. I hope that helps.

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