I have Unity and Gnome installed on my computer (Ubuntu 16.04.4). How can I remove Unity without making any damage? When I search the Synaptic Manager (search unity), this results 500 rows and I cannot understand which packages to remove...


Try this: Start in text-only mode

Switch on your computer. Wait until the BIOS has finished loading, and press and hold Shift, which will bring up the Grub menu.

Select the line which starts with Advanced options.

Select the line ending with (recovery mode)

Press Return and your machine will begin the boot process.

After a few moments, your PC should display a menu with a number of options, including Drop to root shell prompt. Press Return with this option highlighted.

The PC will start in a terminal.

Run these commands:

Mount partitions in read-write mode

mount -o remount,rw /
mount --all

Update repositories

apt update

Install aptitude and deborphan

apt install --reinstall aptitude deborphan

Eliminate the components of unity that are not necessary in gnome

aptitude remove '?and(?reverse-depends(unity),?not(?reverse-depends(?exact-name(gnome))))'

Reinstall gnome

apt install --reinstall gnome

Eliminate orphan packages

apt --purge remove $(deborphan)
deborphan --libdevel
apt --purge remove $(deborphan --libdevel)
deborphan --find-config
dpkg --purge $(deborphan --find-config)

Remove unnecessary packages

apt autoremove

Remove downloaded packages

apt clean

Restart system


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