I have two 3TB hard drives i want to use for my server. Im not experienced at all regarding file systems and raid.

What i did was to install my disk as following

Sda 3TB

  • sda1 512 MB raid
  • sda2 64 GB raid
  • sda3 2.9 TB raid

Sdb 3TB

  • sdb1 512 MB raid
  • sdb2 64 GB raid
  • sdb3 2.9 TB raid

Raid 1 md0 was used as EFI partition with sda1/sdb1

Raid 1 md1 was used as swap area with sda2/sdb2

Raid 1 md2 was used as ext4 mounted at / with sda3/sdb3

Now the install seemed to work just fine but when i boot nothing happens and i just have a black screen and obviously i made something but dont know how to fix it.

Is it my partitions that is wrong and why wont it start?

(sidenote: Im quite noob on this and followed guides online)

  • It might be that grub was only installed on the second disk, with the view of the BIOS which might be /dev/sda in Linux. If possible you could check if you can swap the order of the HDD in BIOS and try to boot again. If not, you have to boot from a LIVE media and install grub on both disks manually. – Thomas Mar 18 '18 at 17:11
  • It is my understanding that the EFI partition cannot be RAID:ed. – Niclas Börlin Aug 16 '18 at 20:28

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