I have a Logitech trackman mouse lacking a middle wheel. I would like to map the little button circled here:

When I use xev it shows both of those buttons as "button 1", which seems odd. I would like to make it my middle click and scroll wheel button. In Windows when I utilize the button it allows me to "open links in a new tab" and get the scroll arrow on screen to scroll.

But I do not know what exactly to write into the .xbindkeysrc file, and where to start the line (after the "End of xbindkeys configuration", or before). Also when I start the code, do I need a # in front of it?

It would be extremely awesome if you could answer with exactly what I need to paste into the file (and where)


With all the different X implementations, The most reliable method is to set input device options is by using xinput as shown In this answer. In your case the "option name" you want to look for will be something like "button" or "click action" depending how your devices names button options.

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