When I see logs I see many ssh access tries (type of brute-force attacks) ideally I want to disable ssh for everyone but for my ip address, is that possible?

Or it still will not prevent people trying to login via ssh?

I could try sudo ufw deny ssh but I know I can't use sudo ufw allow ssh from xxx.xx.xx.xxx

I'm pretty noobie with server-side stuff.

  • Did you try something like sudo ufw allow from YOUR_IP proto tcp to any port 22? – Pablo Bianchi Mar 16 '18 at 22:03
  • u mean with ufw deny tcp 22? – George Garchagudashvili Mar 16 '18 at 22:38
  • It shouldn't be necessary to add an explicit deny rule - since that's the default – steeldriver Mar 17 '18 at 8:21

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