Important: this question How to disable microphone from auto adjusting its input volume doesn't cover this scenario.

This question is about the volume auto adjust feature of pulseaudio "module-echo-cancel".

I am using the pulseaudio module module-echo-cancel, officially documented here.

You can enable it by editing /etc/pulse/default.pa and adding the line:

load-module module-echo-cancel

And reseting it with pulseaudio -k. And it works.

But the documentation doesn't inform how to disable the volume auto adjust that this module executes when it is enabled.

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load-module module-echo-cancel aec_args="analog_gain_control=0 digital_gain_control=0"

Source: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/PulseAudio/Troubleshooting#Enable_Echo.2FNoise-Cancelation

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Since the accepted answer is only part of the problem for me, to adjust properly the volume and avoid auto-change, I will give a complementary configuration needed:

Per-application volume

Sometimes even with gain_control=0, pulse resets volume per application. It does that for it defaults to flat control. To avoid this behaviour, in the file:




Uncomment the line, and set to no:

flat-volumes = no

and restart PulseAudio with:

pulseaudio -k ; pulseaudio --start
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