Are there memory scanners/editors for Ubuntu (like CheatEngine for Windows)? I'm aware of scanmem, but I'm thinking about something with a GUI and that lets me visualize the memory segment.

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sudo apt-get install gameconqueror


Description-en: GUI for scanmem, a game hacking tool
 Scanmem is a simple interactive debugging utility for Linux, used to locate
 the address of a variable in a running process. This can be used for the
 analysis or modification of a hostile process on a compromised machine, for
 reverse engineering, or as a "pokefinder" to cheat at video games.
 GameConqueror is a GUI for scanmem, aims to provide more features than
 scanmem, and CheatEngline-alike user-friendly interface.
Homepage: https://github.com/scanmem/scanmem

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