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I was about to reply to some topic but I see this thing is NOT solved and decided to make my own topic.

Let's begin, You see because of this sort of things I can't quite move to Ubuntu. And this is one of the hundreds of things that are fixable but NOT easily, and in most cases people end up settle for less then.

I have 2 monitors. 1440p and 4k. Solution in Windows is keep 2560x1440 monitor with 100% DPI that looks amazing and big enough for any work. And 4K monitor I have 4K resolution but I bump up DPI to 200% and everything is just a bit bigger than on my 1440 monitor but I still love it because everything is sharp and resolution is native.

Now in Ubuntu is a mess. Right now solution is 1440 on both sides. And obviously 4k monitor running at 1440p looks like crap. I mean all text and everything is simply not sharp. In Nvidia or Display properties there is a way to adjust DPI but it's not working for individual monitors. If I set 100% on one monitor it's for BOTH. I can't set one 100% and another 200% .... WHY ? Again I read I all of this tricks and tips, you need to have a programming degree just to set damn resolution on you monitor ? I mean come on now.

So yeah having two 1000$ monitors and $800 card is simply too much for Ubuntu. I don't understand why simple things can be so difficult on Ubuntu but that's how it is and that's a reality. So I stopped QQ, can someone give me advice or you degree in programming to get it done ?

Thanks !


I remember back in a day before NVIDIA and AMD had it's own surround monitor solutions build right in to drivers third party had apps to create custom desktops with 3 ,4 ,5 ,6 etc monitors. And you could do whatever you wanted, like 2 on right side 3 on left and may be 2 above with vertical position, something like that. IS something similar available for Ubuntu that will set proper resolutions , positions, dpi for me ?

Specs: Ubuntu 17.10 ROG PG278Q and Acer XB271HK connected to 1080ti card. Running Nvidia 384.111 Drivers.

I tried Ubuntu Display settings and Nvidia Display settings, In Nvidia I don't even see DPI settings.

Thanks guys !

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    I did not make it all the way through your question, can you please edit it an remove all the superfluous information about windows vs ubuntu =) . You need to identify your hardware and the driver you are using. If you are having a problem with the proprietary Nvidia driver you have to file a bug report with them as the driver is closed source and we can not fix it . devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/522835/linux/… . The basic problem here is you need to use Linux compatible hardware, then it works fine. – Panther Mar 14 '18 at 3:04