I have Ubuntu VM on Azure. I am installing OpenEdx on Azure. I am using bash for running commands. I have ssh to VM. I want to upgrade a user to super user.Below is the command i am asked to follow:

sudo su -s /bin/bash edxapp> cd>/edx/bin/python.edxapp /edx/bin/manage.edxapp lms manage_user staff [email protected] --staff --superuser --settings=aws

I have updated it with proper usename and email. I also replaced aws with Azure since I am working on Azure and not on aws.Below is my command.

sudo su -s /bin/bash edxapp> cd> /edx/bin/python.edxapp /edx/bin/manage.edxapp lms manage_user Chandrashekhar [email protected] --staff--superuser --settings=azure

But it is giving error as permission denied.Can anybody tell me what is going wrong in this command? I have tried removing content after email address also. But not executing. Please let me know. Please write if you have any questions.

  • Have your created a superuser ("root") password on your Ubuntu? Otherwise, why not just add the user to "sudoers" group?
    – Zeiss Ikon
    Mar 13, 2018 at 11:56
  • While creating Ubuntu VM on Azure, I set one password to that VM. Is it the "root" password? Please tell me how can i proceed to create user to superuser. Mar 13, 2018 at 12:10


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