I am using Kubuntu. Currently my desktop is in Folder Layout mode. I have tried to align the icons on my desktop by selecting Align to grid in icons option in desktop. Still my icons are not properly aligned.

Screenshot of desktop showing icons not aligned nicely

This is so easy in Ubuntu by right clicking and selecting align. Can anyone please tell me how can I align my desktop icons in Kubuntu?


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I came here by searching for "kubuntu grid desktop". I want the normal desktop, but with a grid, so icons get arranged nicely.


sudo apt-get install plasma-containments-addons

Then right-click desktop > "Desktop Settings" and select "Grid Desktop" as layout.

Note that the widgets must be unlocked for the "Layout" option to be enabled.

Tested on Kubuntu 12.04


The "Folder Layout" has same options as the "Folder Views" plasma videget.

Right click the desktop. There should be option: Folder View Settings.

enter image description here

1) Pick the Display option.

2) Align to grid.

3) Apply.

enter image description here


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