I'll just jump straight to it...

I'm currently using a Yocto image:

Linux kernel version 4.14

PulseAudio v11.1

oFono v1.19

BlueZ v5.43

I have successfully managed to get the HFP working on linux kernel version 4.13. However with the 4.14 kernel version and the software versions shown above... Whenever I list the pulseaudio cards, the a2dp profile is available however the headset_audio_gateway profile is not available.

Whenever I try to switch to the profile, it says Input/Output error. The command I use is #pactl set-card-profile 1 headset_audio_gateway

I can play audio using the a2dp profile over bluetooth after connecting to my mobile phone through blueZ.

Can anyone help/guide me to finding out why HFP is saying "available: no" ?

I'd really appreciate any help provided. Thank you!


You need to enable modem after the connection:

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