I somehow ended up with a Firefox session that takes up my entire memory and swap space and then crashes. And then when I start up the software again the whole process repeats. I'd like to be able to open Firefox normally without it crashing.

I found this question on clearing the cache (How to clear browser's cache and cookies from terminal), which I imagine would work, but I don't want to risk losing data that I might actually want. I don't particularly want to lose cache or cookies; I just want Firefox to stop trying to restore all those tabs.

What should I do?


Locate the file sessionstore.js inside your Mozilla Firefox profile folder while Firefox isn't running and delete it. This will delete your session data and nothing else.

As a one-liner:

find ~/.mozilla/firefox -iname sessionstore.js -delete

you could try --safe-mode or --ProfileManager to create a new profile altogether while you test backups from ~/.mozilla/firefox/YOURPROFILE/sessionstore-backups/

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