I have a problem with the installation of the Vyos software inside an LXC container. The .iso is vyos-1.1.8-amd64.iso.


As of last week LXC and LXD v3.0.0 were released.

Although there are many great new features/capabilities, to stay on topic, also released was lxd-p2c which is a tool to allow you to create a local (or remote) LXD container from either a physical machine or a VM.

So you can try now to install the ISO as say a KVM VM. After installed then create an LXD container using the lxd-p2c tool.

There is a video from FOSDEM 2018 by Stephane Graber demonstrating taking a CentOS VM running Apache and creating a working LXD CentOS container with the Apache running using lxd-p2c:


The LXD 3.0.0 release announcement is found here:



You don't. LXC containers are not true VMs, and are designed to operate from prebuilt disk images, not ISOs.

You'd need a VM to properly boot ISOs for installing the OS. That is achieved by something like VirtualBox, not by LXC/LXD containerization.


You can mount the .iso on as a loopback interface and extract the files. Then use the files to build the container.

There is an existing Docker image, if you want to go that route.

It looks like lxc-create will be able to create the container from the mounted .iso.

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