Sometimes I want to search for a previously executed command in my console.

So I press Ctrl + R and I enter in (reverse-i-search) mode. I start typing my command and I press Ctrl + R again and again to cycle through all previous commands that match the input text.

However after doing that, if I press the up or down keys I see the commands I executed long time ago, just before of after the command I just searched.

Looks like the command history "jumped" to the searched command.

My question: Is there a way of restoring my command history to the latest one, so when I press up I should see the latest commands I executed? I don't want my up and down keys to show me what I executed back then, but rather the latest commands I introduced.

I can keep my down key pressed for a while until I reach the last command, but I'm sure it must be a better way.


Press CtrlC to cancel input, and you'll get back to the present.

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